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Site Visit

A site visit is particularly useful where ongoing pest control problems are the root of food contamination and foreign bodies in foodstuffs leading to customer complaints.

Visiting your site allows us to understand your pest problems first-hand and gain an understanding of your business processes, building layout and local environment. It also allows us to understand and assess any current means of prevention, control and treatments that you have in place.

Through visits, and working with your pest control provider, we can provide a regime of trapping and monitoring to understand which species are present and which species are relevant. This information can also allow us to estimate population size and any patterns and main areas of activity.

Using our expertise of the biology and natural history of species identified we can advise on physical and practical methods of control as well as recommended treatments.

Our expertise is particularly relevant where you may have longstanding or problematic pest problems that have proved difficult to resolve through standard pest control methodologies and treatments.

Site Visit – Charges:

Daily rate of £350 (which includes travelling time), plus travel expenses (mileage @42p/mile, rail/taxi fares and any associated parking charges.

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